Journey of Self Discovery - Awakening to Higher Frequencies

Journey of Self Discovery 

Having grown up in a conventionally religious environment my interest in metaphysics and reincarnation was greatly discouraged. While even at a very young age I was fascinated by UFOs, Pyramids, Mythology and Parapsychology, it was actually as a teenager that I began really exploring such things.  Being innately drawn to these uncommon topics, I often found myself pondering the “big questions” in life.  Deep down I knew that I was more then a body, but I also knew that what I heard from church leaders was way off.  I could see the beauty at the core of many religious groups but what they “evolved” to seemed worlds away from truth and love.
During childhood it was difficult connecting to others and often I felt surrealistically out of place.  Emotionally, I felt EVERYTHING.  The pain of other people, animals and even our planet punched me in the gut daily.  I did not belong and so I immersed myself in books and music.
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Twenty plus years ago, I read my first book about reincarnation by Dick Sutphen. I became thoroughly hooked on the subject and KNEW that this concept was very real.  At that time, regression was quite different.  Yet, how serendipitous that all these years later, I found my life’s purpose within the same subject?
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Over the years, I enjoyed a prosperous career as a Operations and Accounting Executive, but I continued to study various spiritual concepts and New Age theories including the Lost Teachings of Jesus, Kabbalah, Atlantis, Ancient Astronaut Theory, Energy Healing, Regression Healing, the Teachings of Abraham Hicks, the Art of Universal Knowing (TAUK), and Aromatherapy.
Luckily, each school of thought brings enlightenment and uniqueness to my sessions.
Looking back it seems that I always instinctively knew my true calling but I was simply in denial.  It was fear I suppose.  A lingering uncomfortable feeling haunting me.  I truly believed that should I fully embrace all these ideas and dive into this reality that my familiar world would collapse.  My family would reject me, my friends would call me crazy, no one would understand, I would be left all ALONE.
This nonsense of my mind was so real that it took serious effort to overcome these beliefs.   Of course, my world did NOT collapse, and in fact it expanded, brightened and improved.
We all wrestle with these thoughts daily and it is in doing so that often we lose our way.
Eventually and with guidance from Source, I came to understand that it is my task to help others overcome negative thinking and awaken to the fullness of who they truly are.
In 2012, I met an amazingly gifted Intuitive who helped me remove personal blockages and assisted in activating my energy.  That same year, I also discovered the miraculous abilities of Essential Oils. An amazing group of Healers and Shamans introduced me to their wide array of uses and since incorporating them into my life I am happier and more energetically balanced.  Frequently, I enjoy educating others on the benefits received just by adding a little oil into your life.
My discovery of Quantum Healing Hypnosis began in 2012.  While vacationing in upstate NY I was browsing a cozy new age bookstore named Mirabai of Woodstock.
“The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” had just been released and it was as though the book was calling my name. I repeatedly picked it up and returned it to the shelf. By the fourth occurrence I finally gave in.  That day…that moment…that book…changed my life.  It spoke to me body, mind and soul.  I instinctively knew this was real AND revolutionary. A few months later, I had my own session which was quickly followed by QHHT Level I and Level II training in Arkansas with Dolores Cannon herself in 2013.
Having been a witness to many astonishing outcomes of Quantum Healing Hypnosis, it is this my deepest desire to bring this therapy to the masses. It is an Absolute BLESSING to be a part of this process and I am grateful to have actually learned from Dolores herself.  She tasked her students with the job of guiding others to overcome their past issues and present dilemmas; to see into the infinite and eternal vortex of who and what humanity really is.
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Working with Wavers (as identified by the book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”) as well as, fellow Empaths and Starseeds is a specialty of mine. 
I also enjoy mentoring and collaborating with many new QHHT level 1 practitioners. 
It is a gift to assist everyone in understanding the power they have locked away. Being highly sensitive can feel like a curse when in fact it is an blessing. In my own struggles I have finally come to understand how to protect,  revere and enjoy this gift.
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My sincere advice for choosing someone to lead you in ANY form of Energy Work is to seek a non judgmental practitioner that is both supportive and understanding. It is most important you find someone that you resonate with.  A person you can easily open up to… someone with YOUR absolute highest benefit in mind.
In 2015, I had the extraordinary opportunity to learn Reconnective Healing from Dr. Eric Pearl and his teaching team.  It was an absolute gift to be trained to work with these frequencies in order to assist and serve mankind.  While in training I felt a strong sense of familiarity, as though, this method of energy work was something already recognized by my heart and soul.
At the same time, I was also very fortunate to experience The Reconnection; which consists of two sessions designed as an accelerated exchange of energy, light and information.  It is a focused formation process used to connect three systems: the ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid. The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence.  During which I elevated out of body and became distinctly aware of our universal connection.  It has truly assisted in raising my vibration and accelerating my commitment to help others.
In 2017, I studied ascension energy.
I  particularly connected to the idea that Earth and humanity were experiencing a multitude of energetic shifts and that we must recognize and embrace the process.
While it has aided me in raising and maintaining my energetic frequency, I have come to believe that it is the focus inward towards being the best version of ourselves that is the biggest priority.  Getting too caught up in Ascension dynamics and the Event can sometime cause our focus to shift outward.

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In 2018, I was fortunate to study Introspective Hypnosis with Antonio Sangio.
This beautiful method is most notably practiced by Alba Weinman.
It combines healing your past and removing psychosomatic symptoms to allow for a better future.  The forgiveness element is key in releasing emotions and removing blockages.
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I have finally accepted my gifts of intuition and embraced being an Intuitive Empath.  But truth is that there are many, many of us out there.  Most do not even understand the scope of their capabilities; others afraid to explore it.  It is a beautiful gift…one that promotes our spiritual connection rather then our human differences.
SO just like you, I am still evolving, still exploring and still living my journey.
Let’s walk together – even if just for a short while.
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